Hello World

11:11: Make a wish!

Alright, not quite. I’m exactly 10 hours too early, or exactly 2 hours too late, depending on if you’re a glass half-full/half-empty type of person. Regardless, its 1:11 AM here and I’m powered with a can of Redbull. Let’s do this! Most of my finest code is written from one to five…let’s hope that applies to blogging too:wink:.

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m your host, Jonathan Xue. Before we continue, here’s a little bit about me. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Of Science In Computer Science at the University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Outside of tech, I enjoy playing sports with friends, mainly tennis and basketball. I’ll also go out for long runs, exploring local trailheads and forest preserves.

As a computer science major, most of my posts will likely be concentrated around…well…computer science. I’d like to use this platform as a method of documenting solutions to problematic concepts/issues, thus developing a reference guide for both myself and others. That is, if anyone is so inclined to visit the musings of a solitary soul. However, to a lesser extent, I’ll also be using this platform to blog about non-programming related topics, whether it be constructing remote-control planes/quadcopters, cool travel experiences, or even just late-night ramblings. I’ll be sure the quality check the latter; can’t have anything embarassing slipping through!

It’s nearly 3:11 AM now. Almost two hours and I’ve only written around 250 words. But let’s not talk about that; I’m certain it’ll get faster with experience. I’m not really too sure what else to say so I guess I’ll end it here then. To those find this, congratulations for sticking along and getting this far. Have a digital cookie:cookie:! And while you’re at it, please direct yourself to my more recent additions. They’ll likely be of much higher quality.