Jonathan Xue

About Me

Hi! My name is Jonathan Xue and I'm currently pursuing a dual-degree in Computer Science and Psychology at the University Of Illinois Urbana - Champaign


University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2021 - 2022
Professional Master of Computer Science, Computer Science
  • GPA: 3.98
University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2018 - 2021
Bachelors Of Science, Computer Science
Bachelors Of Science, Psychology
  • James Scholar
  • GPA: 3.98


Citadel Securities
Summer 2021
Software Engineer Intern
  • Developed multiple FIX simulators mirroring session and application level UAT behavior.
  • Optimized native C++ functions with SIMD SSE2 processor instructions leading to a 400% speedup.
  • Benchmarked end-to-end functionality of a particular system searching for further optimizations. Proposed changes to specific function calls result in a 50% speedup.
Summer 2020
Software Engineer Intern
  • Developed an analytics tool analyzing AWS Lifecycle metrics from data logs with the Elastic Stack. Sample use cases include identifying the driving growth behind a given workflow and generating the corresponding aggregate statistics.
  • Deployed the tool to multiple AWS regions and extended support for additional data sources.
Capital One
Summer 2019
Software Engineer Intern
  • Developed a web application to organize data labeling for machine learning solutions using React.js + Redux with a Python Flask server and PostgreSQL database. Datasets are uploaded, annotated, and exported in both raw (JSON) and parsed (CoNLL, CSV, TSV) formats for different training models.
  • Designed and implemented a separate text annotation module optimized for performance and stability.
CME Group
Fall 2018, Spring 2019
Robotic Process Automation Intern
  • Architected digital worker to automate employee termination/resignation processes. Tasks include disabling the employee account from the Active Directory, terminating VPN/Remote-Desktop access, disabling access to remote web tools and business applications, and removing the account from email and distribution lists.
  • Parsed emails to retrieve necessary employee identification information with C# .NET
University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
Fall 2018
Research Assistant - Wing Lam
  • Developed two separate Maven plugins to analyze and accommodate test dependencies in regression testing algorithms, namely test prioritization, test parallelization, and test selection. Helps developers locate and verify false positives/negatives.
  • Work is 7.1% faster at producing reliable outcomes than algorithms which assume test independence.
Research Poster


  • C
  • C++
  • Haskell
  • Java
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Python
  • R
  • AWS
  • Express
  • Firebase
  • Flask
  • GCP
  • Git
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • SQL

Notable Projects


CourseAssign is a web application that analyzes teaching assignment and grade distribution data of past Computer Science courses at UIUC and their faculty instructors to determine best-fit matches between courses and faculty. It calculates semantic similarity between a course’s description and an instructor’s research interests by comparing multi-dimensional meaning representations of keywords.


Built at PennApps XVIII, Stud-Vision is a mobile application aimed towards increasing student comprehension via augmented reality. Stud-Vision analyzes live and static inputs through the camera, and associates key diagrams and text with the corresponding 3D models. Users are able to interact in real-time, zooming in/out and rotating models to facilitate a better understanding of core concepts.


Built at MHacks X, Watchdog is a platform created to increase engagement in classrooms. Using a camera and Microsoft's Cognitive Services, Watchdog monitors a classroom and offers the teacher live, in-depth analytics on the current state of the room through collecting continuous data on the emotions and engagement of the students. The data is aggregated to display trends over time.


Built at CodeDay Chicago and Chicago Hacks, Caveat is a platform which serves comprehensive crime analytics within the city of Chicago. Using information from the Chicago Data Portal, a heat map is generated to facilitate an intuitive understanding regarding areas of high risk. Further analysis is also offered, detailing crime types and frequencies in the immediate vincinity.

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